Do You Know What A Trackback Is?

Back in November of 2006 I posted a message in the SSWT forum asking the members what a trackback was. I guess when I got Teli’s reply, I must have been too busy to look at the link she provided in her response. If I would have went back and looked over the link, I probably would have learned what exactly a trackback was. Now that I am really trying to increase traffic to my blog, I went back and searched for that post knowing that someone did indeed reply to me.

I found the post yesterday on the forum and Teli from OptiNiche was the one that had sent the first reply referring me to her WordPress Trackback Tutorial. I am so stupid for not reading it sooner. I read her tutorial and now I understand the concept of a trackback and how to use it to my advantage. I probably could have been using this for the last 10 months to help gain more readership to my blog as I refer to other blog posts and such quite often.

After reading her tutorial I did my first successful trackback and was excited and eager to do it again. So if you are not quite sure what a trackback is and you blog, I suggest reading the Teli’s tutorial!

Stefani Partin

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