Second Career

Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

This has been a transitional phase of my life. I recently started a second career. For ten years I was in the printer business, but I grew tired of the work. About three weeks ago I took a job as a car salesman, and it has been pretty interesting. I had a friend who is a car salesman, and he got me a job on his lot. The work is higher-pressure than I am used to, but the opportunity to make money is also much better than my previous job. My wife and I also bought a new home about six months ago, so we still feel like we are in the process of moving in. It always takes us a while to truly feel settled. With our new home, we have tried TXU Energy, which provides fixed-rate energy. With a new job and a new home, I have been feeling pretty stressed. However, we are almost through it, as I am feeling more comfortable in my new employment and more settled in our new home. I am sure as time passes I will get used to these big changes.

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